The Great November Revolution : Unites hundreds of thousands in resolve to carry forward its mission even after hundred years

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On 17 November 2017, the city of Kolkata which had witnessed many-a- historic people’s movement stood still to salute history. Covered with fluttering red flags, colourful banners and flexes at every important road-junction and even within localities, the city waited for observance of  the day on which the great November Revolution earned final victory.   Armed   with   the   thoughts of  Comrade Shibdas Ghosh,  the founder General Secretary of the Party,  SUCI (Communist), worthy continuer of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin-Mao Zedong  and one of the foremost Marxist thinkers of the era  who had contributed to the treasure of  Marxism-Leninism while concretizing it on the Indian soil through long arduous struggle, the SUCI(C) came ahead with this historic agenda of year-long celebration of the great November Revolution from its commitment to the toiling people of this country to free them from  the shackles of exploitation through the  anti-capitalist socialist revolution,  as well as from its  commitment to  proletarian internationalism for the cause of toiling exploited  masses everywhere  in the world. The initiative the Party had taken led to the formation of the Great November Revolution Centenary Celebration Committee under the auspices of which the city of Kolkata, garnering strength from all-out unflinching support of toiling people of the entire country, readied itself for the observance.

Unwarranted pre-winter shower continuing for several days dampened the city, but could not dampen the zeal and determination to hold the scheduled programme in a befitting manner. To add to the odds, there were dislocations in railway services suddenly effected by the Railway authority that cancelled trains, both long and short distances, preventing thousands of people ready to join the programme from coming from places far flung from the city. Yet from the morning, defying rain, massive contingents of people from different states of the country burst forth, in processions or otherwise, with slogans and carrying red flags, banners and festoons, flooding the usually crowded, traffic- laden streets with a distinction from the currents of daily occurrence.   It was as though from underneath the usual din and bustles of a typical metropolis there was a surge spreading out  to herald the revolutionary current swaying across.  It was red all along—red banners and festoons fluttering in glory to make the horizon red. The city was vibrant everywhere; a vibrant flow with slogans rising from the depth of participants’ heart, variety of tongues from different states merging into a resonating chorus. It was no surrealism. It was real, concrete, inevitable outcome of scientific, hence inexorable, historical law of social development, set to flow on to its historical destiny, overcoming all obstacles on the way.  It was the counter current to save people of India from the filth of pervasive decadence gripping the land. It rekindled the hope that this order of exploitation shall not continue to grind for ever. The torch bearers of revolution are reaching every door across the land. They have a message to deliver. They have taken the historic task on themselves; they have stepped out to know the truth themselves, these men and women, students- youth and even children, who hail from varied spheres of society, who work in fields – factories- institutions, as the army of toilers for civilization, but are themselves destitute in millions, struggling for bare existence under the clutches of capitalist society.

In their bid,  the participants symbolized the will and resolve of the millions of working people set to achieve a historic mission, not just in revered commemoration of the historic occasion of the November Revolution. It also aimed at accomplishing the task they have been enjoined by history. They have made it their mission to usher in revolution in this country to end the encumbering plight and misery of the people. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader, teacher and guide of theirs, adjured them to keep aloft the banner of Marxism- Leninism, of proletarian internationalism and carry on unrelentingly the struggle against attempts to malign or distort communism and vilify the giant communist authorities from whatsoever corner, to organize people along the correct base political line and intensify class and mass struggles premised on that correct line and higher proletarian culture to their logical culmination of anti-capitalist socialist revolution.  He adjured the flag-bearers of his message to assimilate the essence of the historic November Revolution, the teachings of the great Marxist authorities, and build themselves in the mould of true communists in order that they could develop equal to the task of ushering in proletarian revolution in this country. The bold strides of the sea of humans moving to join the meeting enlivened the teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh. At the same time, they attested to the truth that the flame of the November Revolution was aglow in their strides. It proved once again that howsoever the defenders of this savage exploitative capitalist-imperialist system might try in vain, the flame cannot be extinguished.

More than one lakh of workers, employees, poor peasants, teachers, students, youths, men and women, young and old— from the cross sections of the toiling millions of the country have travelled hundreds of miles from all corners of the country, journeying for days in buses, trains or on foot, to congregate at the venue of the concluding programme of the yearlong observance of the great November Revolution.  Sudden inclement weather necessitated a last minute change in scheduled venue. Undeterred, the determined and disciplined endeavour of the legions of revolution, with undaunted spirit imbibed from Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought writ large on their rugged dust-moistened faces, flowed like an unending underground stream traversing the expanse of the city. Those whose heart bleed in agony at the sufferings and humiliation of the oppressed millions, those who cannot rest content with deception- degeneration- debauchery around, who look for the real alternative force in the country, beheld glimpse of ensuing materialization of their longing. True, not many people could come to know, right now, about it, because the corporate media deliberately chose to keep the people in dark about this historic meeting. But, the hundreds of thousands of participants whose spirited slogans resuscitated the streets of Kolkata and the venue with vibrancy and fervour, heart that took in them the feeling the mammoth rally generated, head that carried the memories of the Day will spread out across every corner of the country to leave to the history to testify one day what this march and meeting signified for toiling people’s tortuous struggle for emancipation.

The Great November Revolution had a preparation; the observance of its centenary, too, had its own. The organizers of Russian Revolution under the stewardship of great Lenin led people to carry the banner of revolution through all the odds they had faced. Here at the end of hundred years of that heroic victory, the genuine revolutionaries are holding aloft the banner of revolution with their fists clamped in firm resolve to emancipate people from the yoke of inhuman strangulating bondage of capitalism inflicting crushing defeat to all the enemies of revolution, the capitalist-imperialist vultures and their servitors of different hues feeding upon mankind as well as the revisionists-reformists who are vulgarizing Marxism and seeking to keep people arrested in the blind alley of parliamentarism and thus sealing escape from the fetters of capitalist oppression. The true revolutionaries thus are on a mission to rouse the exploited- suffering masses against capitalist exploitation and make them imbibe the imperativeness of proletarian revolution by drawing due lessons from and recalling the memories of that glorious history of the November Revolution, paying tribute to the courage, sacrifice, determination and resolve of the Soviet revolutionaries and people and above all, embracing the illumining philosophy of Marxism-Leninism.

As mentioned, to organize the celebration in a befitting manner and scale, the Party decided for a year-long celebration. As a part of it, after the inaugural programme on 7 November, 2016 in Delhi, it released countrywide initiative of its units from local through regional or district to state levels, to form numerous centenary celebration committees involving people. Under the auspices of these committees countless seminars, discussions, public meetings, colourful well-decorated rallies,  exhibitions and cultural functions including public film shows portraying different events and aspects of the Revolution, its leaders and combatants, were held across the country. Together, these built up an ideological campaign that not just brought the faded-out history alive, but spread the lessons and pledges the November Revolution had left in its trail. As these committees highlighted how and where the socialist system established by the Revolution, proved its supremacy over the decaying capitalist system, people, to start with, even exclaimed in disbelief. But as the Party and committee activists narrated incidents and instances, provided supporting evidences of forgotten photographs and pages from the past publications, people were left with the question: Then why should not we, people of India, tread the same revolutionary path of overthrowing the rotten capitalist system of the country that only breeds all out crisis to crush people under its grinding wheel? So, the toiling people of India cutting across the length and breadth of the country, disgusted with the venders of bourgeois vote politics, responded wholeheartedly to the call of the SUCI(C) and came forward to rise equal to the task through the year-long observance of the November Revolution in the country.

So, when the human streams charged with revolutionary spirit and fervour wound their ways to Rani Rashmoni Avenue at Esplanade in the central part of the city, the street sides of Kolkata city were lined up by the pedestrians and the traffic has halted all around.  But there was no resentful murmur among the onlooker citizens, not even a frowning for the detention. They knew the revolutionary politics based on higher proletarian culture which they have been longing for, is unfolding before them in these streams of determined men and women steeled in revolutionary discipline and fizzing in revolutionary fervour. This was sure to flow to its historic destiny if country’s people stand by them with rock-solid unity. The venue was filled to the brim right from the morning. It was around 11 am that it turned into a sea of people.

On one side  of the background of the decorated dais set up on the road,  there were the portraits of great Lenin, the architect of  November Revolution and the giant Marxist authority who established  the first socialist state of the world  and great Stalin, Lenin’s ‘student’ as he called himself,  and  his worthy follower who marvellously defended and consolidated the foundation of socialism laid by Lenin, to make the new born Soviet Union the second most powerful country in the world within a few years. On the other side, the grand symbol of the Party Flag, the hammer-sickle- five-rayed star was placed at the top corner. The entire dais and its immediate surroundings were bedecked with red in banners, flags and pinnacles. It announced “The Concluding Ceremony: 17 November 2017” in culmination of the “Great November Revolution Centenary Celebration: 7 November 2016 – 17 November 2017”.

Inauguration of Exhibition

The days’ proceedings started at dot at 12 noon, with Comrade Ranjit Dhar, veteran member of Polit Bureau of the Party, inaugurating a road-side exhibition of quotations from the great leaders of proletarian movement and pictorial of the November Revolution. “This exhibition has been set up as a part of this concluding ceremony. Here, on one hand, there are pictorials, depicting glimpses of the history of November Revolution. With those, we have tried to present in this exhibition, invaluable teachings of the great leaders of the world communist movement which would familiarize the viewers the history and teachings of this great event”, said Comrade Dhar in his brief address which will be published later. The exhibition had on its side a big book stall which dealt with a varied series of recent as well as old publications of the Party and its mass organizations, including fronts dealing with cultural-science–women’s move-ment, and of course, the invaluable works of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, in different vernaculars of the Indian people. The enthusiast huge gathering in front of the exhibition and the  book stall showed how keen Party comrades, even sympathizing people were to carry on an intense ideological struggle covering all aspects of life, as desired by their great leader Comrade Shibdas Ghosh.

Hoisting of Red Flag and offering floral tribute to great Lenin and Stalin

At 1 pm, the Red Flag was hoisted by Comrade Asit Bhattacharyya, Polit Bureau member of the Party, SUCI(C). Thereafter floral tributes to the great leaders, Lenin and Stalin were paid by the Secretaries, and leaders of the different State Committees or State Organizing Committees of the Party, including  Comrades K. Sridhar (Andhra Pradesh-Telangana), Chandralekha Das (Assam), Bijan Mandal (Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Arun Singh (Bihar), Biswajit Harode (Chhattis-garh), Pran Sharma (Delhi), Dwarika-nath Rath (Gujarat), Satyawan (Har-yana)  also Central Committee mem-ber), Rabin Samaj-pati (Jharkhand), K Radhakrishna (Kar-nataka; also Central Committee mem-ber), V Venugopal (Kerala), Pratap Samal (Madhya Pradesh), Anil Tyagi (on behalf of  Maharashtra No-vember Revolution Celebration Commi-ttee), Dhurjati Das (Odisha), Aminder Pal Singh (Punjab), Rambhakta Sharma (Gangtok November Revolution Celebration Committee, Sikkim), A Rengasamy (Tamilnadu), Arun Kumar Bhowmik (Tripura), Pushpendra Vishwakarma (UP), Mukesh Semwal (Uttarakhand), Ramdayal Chowdhury (Rajasthan) and  Saumen Basu (West Bengal)

Proceedings of the mammoth mass meeting

The meeting started with a song composed on Lenin, the great leader, teacher and guide of the proletariat.

Following it, Comrade Sankar Saha, member, Central Committee, proposed the name of Manik Mukherjee, Member, Polit Bureau, as the President of the meeting and Comrade K Radhakrishna, member, Central Committee and Karnataka State Secretary, wholeheartedly seconded it. Then Comrades Debaprasad Sarkar, Sankar Saha, Gopal Kundu and Chhaya Mukherjee, all Central Committee members, offered their floral tribute.  Onwards Comrade Ranjit Dhar, Comrade Asit Bhattacharyya, Comrade Mobinul Haider Chowdhury, General Secretary, BASAD (Marxist) of Bangladesh, Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), and Comrade Manik Mukherjee, President of the meeting, offered their floral tributes to Lenin and Stalin, the great leaders of the proletariat.  The brigade of Komsomol, the young communist wing of the Party, then paid the Guard of Honour.

Comrade K Radhakrishna

After a brief introductory remark by Comrade Saumen Basu, West Bengal State Secretary, as scheduled, Comrade K Radhakrishna addressed the gathering first in English. He said that the historic significance of November Revolution lies in the fact that it first proved the correctness of Marx’s thoughts and prognosis by accomplishing proletarian revolution and establishing socialism. It showed to the world that so called illiterate workers and peasants can also rise up ideologically and politically to wrest power from the oppressive capitalist rulers and roll   out   the process of firming up an oppression-free society. 70 years of Soviet socialism held eloquent testimony of that. True that there has been a sad dismantling of socialism due to definite internal and external reasons inimical to Marxism-Leninism. This is not natural death of socialism, which would happen only when communism would be established. Armed with the thoughts and teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, who has handed down to us the most developed and enriched understanding of Marxism-Leninism, we shall accomplish Indian Revolution. Great November Revolution will live forever and inspire the working class to bring about world revolution.

Comrade Satyawan

Comrade Satyawan, member Central Committee, spoke  in Hindi. He began by saying that this mammoth gathering is at the culmination of a yearlong programme that the Party took in right earnest to observe the centenary of great November Revolution by forming a Centenary Celebration Commi-ttee. Great Lenin assimilated the essence of Marxism, founded the Bolshevik Party and guided revolution to victory. After him, great Stalin stabilized revolution on Soviet land in every walk of life, established the most progressive state and society and brought civilization to a new height. We need to learn a lot from November Revolution. Revolution is the most creative thing. Great Marx had shown that class division and class exploitation is the root of all evils. If class division is abolished, oppression and deprivation would be eliminated forever. Working class is historically poised to make it a reality by leading the proletarian revolution. Great Lenin and Stalin showed the way. Soviet Revolution and socialism was hailed by all luminaries of that time. If Russian working class could make revolution successful, why cannot the Indian proletariat? For that, we need to understand what is revolution, how and when can it be accomplished and under whose leadership. Lenin had said that when correct base political line is deduced, revolutionary process would be ushered in. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh has provided us that correct revolutionary line and Party. From north to south, east to west, we all should stand as one man and fulfil the task of revolution.

Comrade Manik Mukherjee

Then Comrade Manik Mukherjee said: The toiling  masses  of  India  are  stirred  and  inspired by November Revolution. Its teachings are to be grasped and applied. With that objective, we have been observing the centenary with due solemnity and purposiveness.   Comrade General Secretary would acquaint you with all the teachings and task imperative. Listen to him attentively and take the lessons to your heart.

Comrade Mobinul Haider Chowdhury

Then it was Comrade Mobunul Haider Chowdhury who delivered a brief but extremely educative speech. He began by saying that such a mammoth gathering has   been organized only based on ideology and tireless dedicated efforts of the Party leaders and cadres. No other party in India can do this. They hanker for MLAs, MPs and power. SUCI(C) was founded by Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, worthy continuer of Lenin and Stalin. This enormous growth of the Party is a matter of great pride. The whole world was stirred when November Revolution took place. The oppressed down-trodden roused by Comrade Lenin and illumining thoughts of Marxism showed how state can   be   run   with a revolutionary outlook. Then Comrade Stalin strengthened socia-list construction in every respect and soon made it most powerful state in the word. After victory of Red Army in the Second World War, prestige of communism went to dizzy heights  and a mighty socialist camp led by Soviet Union emerged. Socialist Camp succeeded in imposing the policy of peaceful co-existence on the imperialist-capitalist bloc. After Stalin’s demise, the revisionists usurped power in the 20th congress and reversed the process. Since socialism is a transitory stage between capitalism and communism, it is not freed from the vile impact of bourgeois thoughts and ideology. The revisionist Soviet leadership renounced Marxism-Leninism and began subverting socialist laws by offering material incentives  to the workers for anyhow increasing production with a view to competing with capitalism-imperialism. As a sequel to all these, there has been sad dismantling of socialism through counter-revolution.

Comrade Shibdas Ghosh was the first to point out this onset of modern revisionism and forewarned that this would one day endanger socialism. Right from 1948, he was cautioning about mechanical thought process as against dialectical thought process in inter-national communist movement. He showed that under revisionism, there was a rapid fall of ideological-cultural standard. He along with great Mao Zedong was warning the world of the impending danger. Comrade Shibdas Ghosh also warned about menacing rise of individualism and laid down the way to fight it. He outlined how a correct revolutionary party is to be formed based on Leninist model and the process of establishing genuine collective leadership through proper struggle for attaining ideological centralism.

Comrade Chowdhury then added : We are struggling to build up a correct revolutionary party in Bangladesh based on Comrade Shibdas Ghosh Thought by fighting all anti-revolution thoughts and forces. We are deriving lessons from the struggle of the SUCI(C) and also exchanging our experiences. Guided by the principle of internationalism, we consider SUCI(C) as the leading communist party. Fraternity between the SUCI(C) and BASAD (Marxist) would be strengthened more and more. Long live Proletarian Internationalism.

Comrade Provash Ghosh

In his around 2 hour long analytical elaborative speech, Comrade Provash Ghosh that this observance of the centenary of great November Revolution has not been any ritual for us. It has been an emotional occasion for us. At the same time, it has been very significant as well as important occasion. There is a concerted attempt on the part of commercial media to wipe out the memory and teachings of November revolution from public mind. Because, it opened the gate for ultimate struggle of the mankind for ending exploitation of man by man for good. For ages, people craved for emancipation, sought to get rid of growing misery and penury, oppression and repression. Finally first great Lenin and then great Stalin made it a reality through creative application of Marxism. Russian Revolution received ovation from all the luminaries and state leaders of that time. The concept of equality, fraternity and liberty was actualized by November Revolution. Had Stalin been alive for some more time and modern revisionists denied opportunity to usurp power, world situation would have been different. The gap between few rich and toiling millions is widening with every passing day. Wealth getting concentrated more and more in a few hands. There is mockery of democracy. Elections reduced to farce. Capitalist leaders are driving the wedge of communalism-parochialism-casteism-separatism, to disrupt people’s unity and muzzling voice of protest. As against this Soviet socialism and Soviet constitution granted and guaranteed all right, freedom and a decent prosperous life. They had provided people with both economic and social wages. Marxism-Leninism is no utopia or any subjective formulation but based on science and is itself a science to ferret out truth and guide traversing along the path of objective truth. Soviet socialism was a product of creative application of Marxism-Leninism. True that because of revisionist conspiracy aided and abetted by imperialist-capitalist camp, socialism has been dismantled after 70 years. This set back is temporary. Right from religion to feudalism and capitalism it took hundreds of years for establishment through alternate cycles of victory and defeat. Compared to that, 70 years is too short for establishing socialism which is purported to end exploitation of man by man for good. Our task today is not to allow capitalism-imperialism to continue their oppressive rule. We must build up people’s instruments for struggle, develop and intensify class and mass struggles to foster revolutionary consciousness among the people and overthrow capitalism. This is our task. All roads should lead to November Revolution. We must carry forward the message of November Revolution. [This is a synopsis of Comrade Provash Ghosh’s speech, full text of his speech would be published later.]


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